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As requested by you …
Serving creative industries means connecting with creative people, and your imagination is a great asset to us when bringing Moment to life. As the user base expands, we increasingly receive creative and valuable suggestions that help us make our product serve you even better. Recently, several user requests have been implemented by our developers.

The following is a summary of what some of these newly introduced features enable you to do.

You may find some of these new additions useful, depending on your specific needs. You can read about each feature in more detail below.

Get better business insight from your list of invoices and “Project” > “Report”
In the “Invoices” overview under “Finances”, we have added functionality that e.g. allows you to pull your fees and surcharges while leaving out your expenses. This enables you to quickly display only the values that constitute your income, where these values previously were hidden in your invoice totals. Just tick the boxes next to “Fees incl. surcharge” and “Expenses surcharge” under “Show columns”, set the time period you wish to display, group e.g. per month and, hey presto: When looking at your totals, what you see is what YOU get.

With the recent additions (ticked below), you can now get an even better and more detailed overview by displaying any of the following columns in your Invoices list view:


Furthermore, we have also added several new values to display under “Show columns” in the Projects Report. Other recent additions to this section are filtering by “Default Price Model” and displaying amounts for selected periods as well as totals.

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Create and save filters for your own use only
Previously, saving filters as reports meant that these reports would be visible to all co-workers. This is often useful, but not always: Different co-workers may have different reporting preferences and needs. Now you can make the new reports you create visible to yourself only by ticking the new “My Report” box.


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Add company holidays
Users with company administration access rights can now add company holidays, i.e. any days your company will be closed for business on dates beyond national holidays when all companies are closed.

Any company holidays that are added will be visible in all co-workers’ time sheets as a red day/date. Also, the explanatory label entered will be visible when hovering the cursor above the day/date:

When company holidays are added, this will affect each co-worker’s time balance in the same way national holidays do: No co-workers will be expected to work on that date and thus any hours entered will be registered as extra time.

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Override default VAT-settings by customer and project
Defaults for VAT settings in Moment are local VAT rates for local customers and 0% VAT for customers abroad. Now you can override this by customer and by project if necessary. Such a setup is useful e.g. when the customer is located in your own country but is a VAT-exempted charity, or for projects that take place in your own country and are taxable locally while the customer is based abroad.

You can choose the settings to override the default setup by customer under [customer] > “Invoicing options” > “Invoice settings”, or by project under [project] > “Invoicing options” > “Invoice settings”.

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Group invoice lines and hide hour count on invoices
You now have the option of grouping hourly based invoice lines by co-worker, role, activity, task and rate under “Setup” > “Settings” > “Invoicing” > “Invoice lines”:

You can also switch off hour count so that this will not be visible on invoices, meaning that quantity instead will be set to 1 and unit price will be equal to the total price of the invoice line.

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Set invoice status to “Do not send”
For optimal clarity, we have added a new “Do not send” option for invoice “Sending State”:

Choosing the “Do not send” state for an invoice means that it will no longer appear to be an invoice awaiting despatch as signified by the red cross in your list of Invoices. Previously, some users have been concerned that Invoices they may have made by mistake and then credited, could be confused with invoices to be sent in the list. By choosing the “Do not send” state for such Invoices and corresponding credit notes, you avoid this problem as you will only see the red cross appearing when invoices should be sent but are not sent yet.

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Set default project role to be assigned to co-workers adding hours to a project for the first time
Now you can specify a company standard for which role that should be automatically assigned to co-workers once they start recording hours to a project. Go to “Setup” > “Settings” > “Projects” and scroll down to “Team” to set the desired default role.

The choice you make here (on company level) will be overridden if you specify different default roles for individual co-workers:


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Make co-worker(s) responsible for approving hours on a project by ticking the “Project Owner” box under Team Membership
A co-worker could be a Project Leader without necessarily being the one required to approve the hours registered to a project. To enable you to make co-workers responsible for approving hours regardless of their role, we have added the “Is project owner” box that you can tick under [project] > “Main page” after you click the co-worker to “Edit team membership”:

Ticking this box means the co-worker(s) in question will receive the hours recorded to the project for approval. Project Owner has also been added to the Project Report to enable filtering and grouping projects by the co-workers with this function.

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Add comment when adjusting hour and vacation balance
User administrators have access rights that allow adjusting co-workers’ time and vacation balance. It is now possible to add a comment when doing this:

Added comments will be visible to co-workers in their time and vacation balance next to any adjustments made.

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Expanding our team to meet your needs

Behind the new Moment platform is a dedicated and hard working team, striving to always be accessible to you while also catering effectively to your needs. We are delighted that so many architects, engineers and creatives are now choosing Moment to empower their businesses, resulting in a rapidly growing number of new users. And as maintaining our high service level is critical to us, we have responded to this growth by increasing our human resources accordingly.

We are proud to announce that since the beginning of this year, the Moment team has doubled in numbers. We are now 10 people whose common denominator is the passion for making your work more pleasant, efficient and profitable by supplying better business tools.

You can meet our team at – where you also will find contact information. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your requests.

Where to direct support requests
If you need help using Moment or experience a problem, the most efficient route of getting through to us is emailing This channel is monitored by several team members simultaneously, enabling us to get back to you even sooner than we can guarantee when you contact individual team members.

New functionality: Optimize your categorisation by grouping tags

Moment is continuously evolving with the needs that arise as your practices develop. Many users have requested more and better categorisation tools in Moment in order to create better overviews that can inform your decision making. We are proud to announce that our development team now has implemented a solution for this.

Tag whatever you want – and group tags to organise your data
Up until now you have been able to categorise your data in Moment using tags, time record categories and project phases. Moment’s tag functionality has become very popular: By tagging projects, customers and co-workers, you can generate tag-based filters and reports and make the big picture emerge from all your daily details.

We have now added to this functionality by also enabling you to organise your tags into tag groups. Choosing a tag from a certain group can be made mandatory when registering certain data, so that you can be sure this is always categorised the way you want it to be. As your output depends on your input, such consistency is the prerequisite for generating valid and reliable filters and reports that give the complete picture.



Another new feature is the ability to also tag hours and activities, thus replacing the previous time record category and project phase functions. The system will automatically convert your existing data to match the new tag-based setup, so that you can benefit from the new functionality right away and without taking any further action.

If you need help or have questions about tags, tag groups, filtering and reports, you can email for assistance.


Nå blir TorpedoAdm til Moment

I løpet av kort tid gjør vi det endelige navneskiftet fra TorpedoAdm til Moment.

I tillegg til å endre navn, frisker vi opp utseendet med nye farger, logo og skrifttyper, og flytter tjenesten til Selv om utseendet endrer seg en del, tror vi at du vil kjenne deg godt igjen.

Skjermbilde fra Moment

Med noen få unntak kommer den eksisterende strukturen til å være som før. Den største forskjellen er kanskje at hovedmenyen flyttes fra venstre side, til øverst på sidene. Dette gjør vi for å frigjøre plass i bredden.

Slik endrer hovedmenyen seg fra TorpedoAdm til Moment

Hva må du gjøre?
Nesten ingenting. Du bli sendt direkte til de nye sidene når de er klare, og du vil da bli bedt om å logge på igjen. Bruk ditt eksisterende TorpedoAdm-brukernavn og passord.

Vi tror dette blir en solid forbedring, og håper du ikke får trøbbel med noe i forbindelse med oppdateringen. Ta kontakt med oss hvis det er noe du lurer på!

Stavanger: Kurs i TorpedoAdm X / Moment 10. mai

Vi har gleden av å kunne tilby dagskurs i TorpedoAdm X i Stavanger. Kurset holdes 10. mai 2016.

Kurset retter seg mot både eksisterende og nye TorpedoAdm-kunder og tar for seg en rekke aktuelle problemstillinger for administrasjonen og prosjektledere:

  • Timeføring
    • Grundig gjennomgang av timelisten
    • Håndtering av fravær/ferie og avspasering
    • Flytte timeføringer til annen dato/prosjekt
    • Låsing og generelle kommentarer
    • Føring av timer på mobil/nettbrett
  • Kunder
    • Link mot Brønnøysund for rask og riktig opprettelse
    • Viktigheten av organisasjonsnummere på kunder
    • Vedlikehold/opprydding i kunderegisteret – hvordan unngå duplikater
  • Prosjekter
    • Grundig gjennomgang av den nye prisfunksjonaliteten
    • Hvordan unngå feilprising/fakturering av prosjekter
    • Prosjektplan – budsjettere timer og lønnsomhet
    • Oversikt over “mine” prosjekter
    • Følge med på tidsforbruk i forhold til plan
    • Lønnsomhet på prosjektnivå
  • Økonomi/administrasjon
    • Godkjenning/retur av timer
    • Timeoversikter
    • Oversikt over timer og utlegg til fakturering
    • Håndtering av utlegg og digitale (pdf) utleggsbilag
    • EHF – hva / hvorfor / hvordan
    • Effektivisere fakturaforsendelse via EHF og epost (med vedlegg)
    • Bruk av KID-nummer på fakturaer og automatisk registrering av innbetalinger
    • Betalingspåminnelser
    • Ledig kapasitet på kontoret/backlog
    • Bookingsoversikt per prosjekt/medarbeider
    • Fraværsoversikt og ferieoppsett
    • Statistikk

Det legges opp til dialog og spørsmål. Kurset holdes av Eivind Bøhn.

Tid og sted
Kurset varer fra kl 10 til kl 16 tirsdag 10. mai 2016. Lunsj er inkludert.
Kurset avholdes i Stavanger. Eksakt adresse sendes ut til påmeldte i etterkant.

Kr 4.950 eks mva per person.

Kursdeltakere kan ta med egen maskin/nettbrett om ønskelig. Det legges ikke opp til oppgaver som krever egen maskin, men noen foretrekker å kunne klikke seg litt rundt og utforske mens vi går igjennom de forskjellige temaene.

Gå til for påmelding.
Eventuelle spørsmål kan rettes til Vi har et begrenset antall plasser og vil sende ut bekreftelse om dere får plass på kurset.

Dersom du har lyst til å delta på kurset, men datoen passer dårlig, eller du kunne ønske deg kurs i en annen by, send en epost til overnevnte adresse så vi kan ta det med i planleggingen av nye kurs.

PS: Vi er også i Stavanger 11. mai for å demonstrere TorpedoAdm for potensielle nye brukere. Tips oss gjerne om du vet om noen i området som kan ha glede av TorpedoAdm!

Vennlig hilsen
Eivind Bøhn
Cloudware AS

Ikke lenger TorpedoAdm

Vårt nye navn er Moment.

Navnet TorpedoAdm har vært med oss siden slutten av 80-tallet. I fjor lanserte vi en helt ny web-basert plattform, som har blitt tatt godt i mot av både gamle og nye kunder. Nå ønsker vi et navn som bokstavelig talt er litt mindre ladet, og som representerer det vi står for.

Nettsidene blir oppgradert med nytt utseende i løpet av de neste månedene, med ny logo, farger og struktur. Dere vil allikevel kjenne dere godt igjen.

Om fakturaforsendelser
Allerede i april gjør vi en liten endring i forbindelse med utsendelse av faktura per e-post.

For øyeblikket bruker vi ditt firmas e-postadresse som avsenderadresse. Dette kan i enkelte tilfeller føre til at mottaker stempler e-postene som søppelpost. For å unngå dette, vil vi nå sende e-poster med avsenderadresse . Firmanavnet ditt vil fortsatt stå som avsendernavn, og dersom mottakeren svarer på faktura-e-posten, vil svaret sendes direkte til dere.

Dere trenger ikke foreta dere noe som helst. Kontakt oss om du har noen spørsmål knyttet til dette.

Vi gleder oss til å vise dere det nye utseendet vårt!